White Brick Wall In An Interior


If during repair or in a new building there was a brick wall , do not rush to get rid of it . It can become a full part of the original design. Moreover, those who want to modernize its interior is a masonry .

White brick wall in our interior came from New York. It is there , the desire for minimalism , erected conventional brickwork to the subject of design and a separate element in the room. As of today – is a stylish trend that looks incredibly impressive .

Against the background of a white brick wall is an incredibly stylish look any bright piece of furniture. It will become an unbeatable backdrop for some decorations , especially if you use a contrasting color .

The most relevant is an element in the room , made in the style of hi -tech.  After all, this is an unusual approach to the arrangement of the dwelling which primarily emphasizes the exclusive owners look.

If a white brick wall has a similar color to the other walls , it will still be the original due invoices . If the walls are different in color design , it will attract the attention twice – on the palette and texture terrain . In addition , the white color is advantageous to use in the interior – it visually expands the space raises the ceiling, making a weightless environment .


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