Monochrome Interior Choice From A Designer Janet Rice


Monochrome style in the interior  is in trand nowadays . But it’s very difficult to create the atmosphere which won’t be boring and tiresome. But it’s possible to avoid “this picture” adding some bright inclusions – contrast colors to soft furniture, flowers on the table or just colorful Chinese.

White and black is a classic combination which more is often used by modern designers. It’s almost impossible to imagine a classic interior without the usage of harsh contrasts . Thanks to play with these two colors you may expand or narrow room space , creating a visual infinity, raise or lower the ceiling , etc. But everything is in reason so don’t forget about it because using too much black may add to your room depressing view;  white – will remind you of the sanitary zone. Harmony – that’s the main concept of monochrome style .

Janet Rice managed to use all tips: playing with shades, black-and-white color, also adding something what will attract attention away from the ordinary and boring space.

Beautiful floral patterns on the wall in a white and black gamma will work with if there is enough daylight in the room.
If the room is not that big , the perfect choice is light walls and dark furniture . Mirrors on the wall also help you to increase the space. Chose mirror frame which will match with the color and design of  the furniture; it will be the main part of the decor . If the room is too great, it is better to divide the space using plasterboard walls . In this case be able to achieve a sense of comfort .

Calm and settled life – that is the main way of life of people who wants to decorate their interior like this. Impulsive people will be quite hard to make up their minds with such stylistic decision , their choice – bright colors .


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