12 Awesome Colorful Design Transformation


Ordinary house established in the suburbs of Boston suburb was transformed and adapted according the young family request.

Bright colorful palette of interior decoration, modern furniture and comfortable environment brought freshness and optimism to the whole building.

Throughout the interior everyone might feel a powerful energy. There still remained the classic lines inherent peculiar for old-fashioned houses. Basically house has undergone great changes which touched both design work and interior decor.

Pale purple, rich purple, blue and green colors became the main accents in the interior design. It vivified the space with bright splashes and weaken calm tones which were used as the basis.

White color was chosen as the leading one – on its background juicy colors looked much harmonic and easily combined with dark shades .

Despite of such a bold decision, in general, interior design was cozy and comfortable. Fireplace was one of the main subjects which not only helped to heat the house during the cold days, but also added extra comfort. Dark wood beams highlighted room elegance ,especially it perfectly match to the background of snow-white ceiling. High ceilings filled the rooms with light and air .


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