Best Contamination Solutions for Kitchen Cutting Board tainted


The family chef has worked very hard preparing that culinary masterpiece for loved ones or for guests at a dinner party and it would be a shame if some peril waits because they forgot some of the basic do’s and don’ts while preparing the feast. There is a simple checklist that a health conscientious person should be aware of while cooking a meal in the kitchen to withhold loved ones and guests great from food borne illnesses. It is not enough to control cross-contamination issues by only being conscientious about keeping meat products away from ready-to-eat products that is only the beginning. Insure that meat products are stored immediately when coming home from the grocery store and never let them sit out at room temperature for long periods of time. It is also famous to well-organized and disinfect any meat spills or meat splatters fair away that occur when preparing meat products to be stored.

Next, the cutting board or chopping block is one of the famous sources of conveying food poisoning. Raw foods like meat, poultry or fish can easily cross-contaminate with other foods prepared on the board cutting surface or even in the same vicinity where the raw foods where prepared. Food poisoning can be a very serious quandary. Campylobacter and E-coli can cause diarrhea and digestive tract problems. Salmonella can cause gastroenteritis. Staphylococcus Aureus is a particularly despicable disease that eats away the integrity of the stomach lining, and can cause Pneumonia and Endocarditis. puny traces of allergens can reach into contact when preparing other foods on a cutting surface and can cause allergic reactions to those with sensitivities to clear types of foods. Though some food poisoning illnesses can be quite serious the suited news is that they can also be avoided.

A tidy cutting board is primary in order to ensure the health and safety of your family members and guests. Bacteria can remain on cutting boards even after having been cleaned because during food preparation bacteria can score its intention into exiguous crevices made by knives and other implements customary while cutting and chopping. A quickly wash may not rob them all. Instead disinfect your cutting boards by using one tablespoon of chlorine bleach to one quart of water, covering the surface of the board with the solution, and then let stand in the disinfectant for several minutes. The disinfectant may also be extinct to disinfect the vicinity where the raw foods were prepared.

The dishwasher is also extremely effective at disinfecting the cutting board but over time the dishwasher may also injure the cutting board by causing it to warp. A warped cutting board may gain it difficult or even risky to exercise when preparing food and using consuming knifes on an unsteady surface. Avoid cross-contamination when cutting different types of foods for the same meal by owning several Kitchen Cutting boards – one for meats, one for cheeses, and one for perform. If through washing one board warps over time you tranquil have several on hand and will smooth be able to curb cross-contamination problems while waiting for your replacement cutting board to come.

Tempered Glass cutting boards have many fabulous designs making them a colossal addition to your kitchen you can even rep ones that match your décor perfectly. People may tremulous from glass because knives dead slightly faster. The entertaining blade is unexcited there it has simply fair started to roll away from the accurate cutting edge and is something that a superior knife sharpener can solve. Also, tempered glass is almost indestructible, impenetrable, can be scrubbed natty, dried between uses, and keeps its hygiene qualities longer. Tempered Glass cutting boards are very resistant to heat and can double as a hot pad. The hardcore health conscious individual will delight in that glass cutting boards are very easy to orderly in the dishwasher. Cross-contamination issues are not a jam as glass cutting boards have a cut-proof surface so bacteria, stains and odors cannot be harbored as they are in other cutting boards.


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