Beautiful Interior Of The Kitchen With The Dining Room: Black And White Color Scheme


One of the main attributes of any property and pride of the hostess is kitchen. Cooking space with the settling functionality and comfort, however, each object located in the area optimal from the point of view of its use. In this kitchen all should be modern and gorgeous .

Workspace and the passageway is a transparent partition partitioned off from the dining area. It is very convenient – glass wall flows into the dining area daylight and does not allow the entry of foreign odors in the other rooms. In the area of ??the passage, which is part of the work area, there are various containers for storing dishes, the cookware and table for cooking. In the drawers are stored various little things that are hidden from the public eye and always close at hand. On the wall is ideally located board for notes.

The work area is equipped with a large fridge stove, sink and tables for preparation of food. Work surface and sink are designed in a simple style, black in color, which is quite functional. On the wall is a clock that let you control the cooking products. Even live plants on the windowsill perform a functional role – they can be used for cooking as a seasoning .

This kitchen and dining room are made in one color. White and black color contrasts effectively with each other and emphasize the elegance of the furniture. Tableware sustained in steel and white colors, and fits perfectly into the interior of the kitchen .


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