6 Most Comfortable Kitchen With Chequered Decor


Any small kitchen can be beautiful and functional. It is important to choose the right color which visually expand the space to arrange the furniture in a right way.

Designers found interesting approach in decoration of this kitchen – widely used brown colors and geometric patterns in the interior.

So brown- white pane besets the lamps and chairs. Kitchen sofa also is decorated in this way. Brown and white shades look not so monotonous and boring like classic black and white combination.

Beautiful Venetian pattern along with brown and gold background with the marble panel looks incredibly elegant and chic. There is also chosen curtain with tassels in the same tone. Only in this case brown pattern was made on a white background.

The white walls are decorated with discreet black and white picture. Whole decor reminds prim England – interior design is understated but at the same time elegant.

By the way this kitchen is very convenient and functional – there is a work area with a large worktop and separate kitchen table . Beautiful dining table more looks like a decoration element due to interesting texture and shape of the legs.

On the shelves you may keep all the necessary things at hand or kitchen utensils – it’s save much save as long as built-in cabinet .


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