16 Ideas For Christmas Table Setting


Christmas is coming , so it’s time to think about the decoration of the table to surprise your guests not only with tasty dishes but also with exquisite taste in decor .

How to prepare your table for celebration? At first decide what type of servings you like : one color or several shades? In the first case Christmas table will be concise, restrained and elegant. The second decoration will save your time in  searching the same color of candles, napkins and Christmas balls. Your goal in this case to create an atmosphere of joy and fun. And now we would like to share with you the most interesting options of table setting.

Traditional red and green colors

Classic colors of the New Year decor is definitely considered a combination of red, green , gold and white colors as symbols of evergreen spruce, fire flame and snow. These colors bring home a festive mood and atmosphere of kindness , warmth and love .

Table in white

Christmas table  in white color is associated with Scandinavian style . Thanks to the white color your table looks very solemn and noble. If you choose the white color pay attention to a variety of textures that are used for serving – do not be afraid to combine silk, linen , paper and other materials in white. If you wish you also add to this style silver and gray.

Gold accents

Gold is a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Here you can add golden glow with the glitter and glue – so decorate candles or toys and put them on the table. Combination of dark hues and golden looks very solemn. Add to your table setting everything what is shining: spangle, lights and ticker tape.

Table in rustic

Rustic Decor is one of the most popular methods of decorators in 2014. Decorate your home with simple trinkets made ??of wood and natural materials that add to the room cozy holiday atmosphere.


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