11 Best Retro Smeg Refrigerators In Modern Kitchen Interior


Modern kitchen interior is impossible to imagine without some kind of non-standard design element that will accentuate on the attention and sets the tone for the non-trivial room. The same type of cuisine is gradually fading. Leading manufacturers of home appliances quickly capture the trend of fashion design , functional and offer new items that are in high demand among consumers. These innovations include the retro refrigerators SMEG.

Retro Fridge SMEG, modern kitchen interior , look incredibly impressive . Performed in the original style of the 50s they cause genuine admiration and interest of every person.

Having decided to buy retro SMEG fridge need to be prepared for the fact that the object of household appliances will attract attention. In other words – it will be the main object of the kitchen is overshadowing other pieces of furniture , appliances and decorative items.

Simply install the retro fridge SMEG, the kitchen began to play in new ways. Innovative materials and finishes have erected this product in a number of works of art. Huge selection of vibrant and traditional colors, prints allows you to choose a refrigerator for your liking. Green, orange , yellow , pink, denim , striped … Even the head may begin to spin from such a riot of colors and a wide range of products.

Classic refrigerator, white , suitable lovers of traditional interior design , so you can experiment by drawing attention to the black and silver colors . Design executed in a retro style , appreciated by lovers of original , modern and high quality equipment.


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