Marine Theme In The Design Of Children’s Room From Pottery Barn Kids


Recently, the issue of registration of nurseries designers and parents very seriously. This is absolutely the right way – from the atmosphere in which to grow a baby and spend their leisure time depends on his mood and outlook on life. One of the design options child and fully endorsed by psychologists – the use of a nautical theme .

To create the proper atmosphere should be used “sea colors ” – blue, light blue, turquoise, white .Blue color in the interior will help you focus, clarity of thoughts will, blue helps to boost their self-esteem (ie, what’s missing children ), white color calms, adjusts to readiness for new experiences, turquoise – to collect blue and dark blue, soothes relaxes and helps to recover in a short time.

For a child’s room it is important to make a few spots accenting with colorful pictures or decoration. In the nautical theme is not difficult to satisfy these requirements .

The children’s room a nautical theme can be expressed in different ways, but most often it is presented as an underwater kingdom, or above-water world full of fighting spirit : with yachts, decks, pirates, etc.

If we talk about the interior rooms for the girls, they like best snorkeling area, with coral reefs, colorful fish, etc. The second area with a slope of ” adventure” prefer boys. A room with a spirit of adventure, to properly arrange about to be interesting and unusual. This will help to specialty stores or manufacturers who are willing to make furniture to order. For example, you can buy a bed in the shape of the boat and for the design of the room to use a fishing net, ropes, captain’s wheel, telescope, globe, etc. It is desirable that the furniture was made of wood – it’s eco-friendly and stylish.


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