14 Contemporary Bedroom Paint Color Ideas


When designing your bedroom, you should pay attention to the colors you choose. Colors have a huge impact on us and our mood, and they can change the look and style of any place instantly. Bedrooms are places where we seek relaxation, and thus we must paint the walls of our bedroom in colors that we love and feel comfortable with. This is a collection of paint color ideas for contemporary bedrooms where you can see various colors and how they are reflected in the rooms. If you love to have the walls of your bedroom in basic colors, then white and beige are the best option for you.

White and beige give a bright look to the room and are soft colors that match easily with anything. You can add some strong lighting to make a nice touch with the walls. In case you love colors, feel free to paint the walls of your bedroom in any color that you prefer as long as it makes you comfortable and happy.

You can paint the walls light purple for a soft, romantic style that is unique, or if you want a pop look then you can paint the walls red.

Black and dark grey are really sophisticated colors that make the bedroom very chic and bold. You can also use more than one color in the bedroom; you can paint the walls white while having one colored wall in a color like black or red.

This effect gives an eye catchy style to the room and makes a beautiful color contrast.


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