Modern Interior Design, W Bali Villas And E-wow Suite By AB Concept


Modern interior design is completed designed by AB Concept interior designer. This interior design project called the W Bali Villas and E-WOW Suite Interiors. The interior designer designed this villa interior intended for W Retreat & Spa Bali – Seminyak.


W Retreat & Spa Bali – Seminyak asked AB Concept, an interior designer, to design a beautiful interior design called the W Bali Villas and E-WOW Suite Interiors. This villa is an ideal place where you can relax and enjoy every moment of the endearment. Nothing compares to the feeling which you have when you are in a house or a room where you feel so good which you do not want to leave anymore.

This is the feeling you want to find at home, but it does not happen always. The Villas and E-WOW suite interior are the kind of places where you have that unmistakable feeling! First, no matter the room, they are all good-looking and share an open feel which relaxes, a modernity which impress and unique style of bringing the outside in.


Inside the villa, the entire atmosphere seems to be the definition of the comfort and relaxation; the warm tones of blue, yellow, orange are inviting, as every little thing in this modern and cozy environment, which is seems to be an image of the future.

The villa provides many comfort felling. The large bathroom is only an example of a pleasant space which provides the comfort, but this is the purpose of all the interiors and all the villas. On the bed room area is appear an expression of simplicity and comfort in a perfect environment. In the bathroom, the simple but interesting can be found if we look at the shape of the bathtub, without mentioning all of the objects which show quality and good taste.


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