Spa Interior Design, The Oasis Club Spa By PAL Design


Spa interior design is completed designed by the Chinese consultancy PAL. They have successfully created a modern and luxury spa interior for the Oasis Club spa. It is a spa which located inside an apartment estate which is based in Chengdu, China.


PAL Design has completed designed a clubhouse which concentrates on a contemporary approach for its ‘Spa-theme’ presentation for the target young group. This designs are speaks to a sense of playful invention and a quirky imagination and it is mixes up contemporary suites of the privacy, utter luxury, modernism and a sense of being in a universe theme park.

The different interestingly material elements are incorporated with the sharp brilliant colors such as yellow, orange, blue and green to create extraordinary visions. There is a very peculiar view from one zone to another. The curve lines expand the spatial boundaries which is look endless. A dramatic and the trendiness t the whole are lent by the wavy features walls and contrasting carpets.


The Oasis Club is chic private clubhouse of the luxurious residential project which is located at the continental area in Chengdu, China, with the concept of spatial design. The design concept brings the mix of water, spa and the funny element which transform as an oasis at the inland with the four floors of the total 25.000 square meters for the different function.

Inside the clubhouse, a lot of the wave curve walls are presented the irregular shape in the endless and motive spiritualization. The theme color palette consists of navy blue, lake green, pure white for main area, plus the party color of orange, yellow, and purple for young clients in the peace and calm environment for leisure.

Come to the treatment zone, space design as a labyrinth which is provides 16 spa treatment rooms for soul and body juvenescence. This level is turned to the dark scheme such as jade green, purple blue and golden honey for soft lighting effect.

The top floor is VIP Spa zone with 8 luxurious spa treatment rooms for exclusive residents only. Each private room provides a mini theatre, Jacuzzi, sauna and steam room. Some of them include a balcony for outdoor Jacuzzi and sun deck. The biggest one provides a small indoor pool with temperature control. With the décor of mosaic shell and pebble stones, it aims to create a private relaxation in the paradise, dreaming into a sea palace of the myth.


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