Modern Lounge Interior Design At Briggin Hill Airport By SHH


Modern lounge interior design is completed designed by the SHH interior designer. This lounge interior design is intended for the Rizon Jet passenger who is located at Briggin Hill airport near London.


A luxurious 2-storey VIP passenger lounge located at Biggin Hill Airport is completed designed by the architects and interior designer SHH. They designed this lounge intended for their client, the Rizon Jet, a Middle East and UK based private aviation group.

The lounge design comprised of a 478 square meters ground floor space with an additional 186 square meters purpose-built mezzanine floor. It is located within a major new-build 130.000 square meters hangar and VIP terminal facility at the airport. It was launched at the same time as a similar facility in Doha, State of Qatar.

Rizon Jet now has a full range of services to offer today’s discerning traveler with the opening of the new VIP Lounge. The Chief Executive of Rizon Jet commented that they are very excited to see the start of the operations at the beautiful FBO/VIP Lounge which has been built and completed under the supervision and heritage of the Qatari company. The opening of the lounge marks a major milestone for this company.


The SSH Project Architect and Associate Guy Matheson explained that the two new Rizon Jet Lounges and FB-VIP Terminals in the UK and Doha began with a similar outline concept. But the SHH then commissioned in August 2010 to interpret and developed this concept to create a more European feel for the Biggin Hill Lounge which nonetheless retains many Arabic references in both materials choice and functionality, it is intended to  reflect the Qatari heritage of the company.

The linked locations and the similar passenger profile at the two terminals. The starting point for our design concept was the Rizon Jet branding and ‘star’ marquee, which was interpreted and applied in a variety of ways and at different scales throughout the interior. The brief which comes from the architect is to create a six star hotel reception with a comfortable lounge feel. This is about creating a space where the people want to spend time in.

By the designer, these briefs are achieved through a simple and calm color palette; luxurious finishes, a high proportion of bespoke furniture and a strong emphasis on comfort. Which is split into interesting, zoned lounges with different treatments and with a variety of privacy levels, the main space is a dramatic double height volume, so that the customers can immediately find the right space for they need state, whilst retaining glimpsed views of everything else going on the facility.


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