Modern Hotel Design, The Hotel Villa In Yessod Hammala


Modern hotel design is completed designed by the Uri Cohen Architects. They have completed designed a nice hotel called the Hotel Villa which is located in Yessod Hammala, Israel.  This hotel is perfectly located in the tourist area in local place.


Uri Cohen Architects has completed designed a Hotel Villa which precisely located in the tourist area in Yessod Hammala, Israel. This is preservation and an extension of a historic heritage monument on the first street in Yessod Hammala.  It was built by the ‘pioneers’ in the late 19th century. This hotel villa is precisely located in the tourist object area and this makes it possible or at least part of it to be used in the future as a boutique hotel or for another commercial use.

This is the main reason of creating one long corridor in this hotel which crossing the entire site. This corridor is connects all kind of the outside spaces which can be joined or rejoined in the different phases for the future. The complex can be used as one, two or even three living units. One living space with the commercial space or guest rooms or even the whole complex as one hotel.


In this hotel villa, the facades of the historical house has been preserved, but however, the scheme introduces a split level space, it is halfway dug in the ground, it is in order not to exceed the height f the historic house. This split level space gives the (outside) spaces privacy from the (touristy) street as well as the possibility to have some higher spaces open to the breeze during warm evenings.

Which gives shade and the protection for the primary living space below on the ground floor, the new edition to the old living space has been constructed as a floating box above the ground floor. The ground floor itself has been designed as if the landscape goes continuously across the whole yard while partially enclosed by glass walls. This ‘modern box’ is being supported by stone fences which are so typical on this street.


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