Modern Home Design, The Flipped House By MCK Architects


Modern home design is completed designed by the MCK Architects. They have completed designed a modern house called the Flipped House design which located in Sydney, Australia. This living space design is a beautiful and warm house architecture design.


Designed by the MCK Architects, a cozy interior home design which called the Flipped House is located in Sydney, Australia. By the architect, a 1960’s living space has been replaced and it is reflected by a contemporary version of itself, with a focus that now engages as much on the surrounding garden as it does the panoramic CBD view.

For create a more expansive connection from the inside to outside, the original plan and massing are adapted + literally ‘flipped’ with the garden elements. The details, fixtures and fittings are sensitive to the original living space.

In designing the living space architecture design, MCK Architects used selected materials such as the concrete, stone and wood. The combination between the wood and stone materials creates a warmth and natural atmosphere inside the living space. So the owner can totally feel comfortable.


As mentioned above, a natural and warmth atmosphere comes from the materials which are used and selected by the architect. This house, on the main ground floor, the architect made it as an open plan interior space. Its floor is installed with a wooden floor. The wooden materials are appear in several spot, not only on the floor, but the staircase, dining room furniture, room divider, and even the house frame are used the same material as the living space floor.

On the bathroom, it’s used a concrete material as its floor and stone material as the bathtub and the wall. A contemporary accent is appearing here. The owner can feel calm when he/she takes a bath inside this bathroom.

This home design, in several spot, has a unique and artistic wall design which made from concrete material. Swimming pool is designed near the living space. It’s a perfect living space architecture design which provides calmness and comfortable feeling.


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