Modern Home Design Interior By Mark Tracy


Modern home design interior is completed designed by Mark Tracy from Chemical Spaces. He has completed designed a townhouse interior which is located on Lombard Street in San Francisco, California.


Mark Tracy, a designer from Chemical Spaces company, has created a townhouse interior which is based on Lombard Street in San Francisco, California. The designer is an American based. In this living space design, a clean, modern design with color and the character to serve as a weekend gateway in the heart of San Francisco are described by the designer.

By the designer, this living space is designed as a five-story townhouse and in each level having its own distinct feel. With the direct views of the Alcatraz and the bay, the fifth and the top floor is a bright, artistic, modern design which is anchored by a custom HZ Henzel rug on metallic silver hardwood floors.


A sleek modern kitchen with the Savolini cabinets is placed on the fourth floor. It is precisely located beside a lounge with a fireplace which is surrounded by the Italian red porcelain tile. Which sits beside a party terrace with the views of the city, the exposed concrete flooring extends from the kitchen and lounge to the dining area.

The master bedroom and bath are hosted by the third floor, while the first and the second floors open to a-dance-club-like party area. The stand-out features include a steel catwalk with glass flooring, 160” retractable movie screen, bar with built-in 80’s-style arcade game, RGB LED dance club lighting, and fifteen 60” squares of custom art and mirrors which float up the walls and ceiling, each back-lit with LED lighting. This home design is a nice dwelling!


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