Modern Home Design, Ellis Residence By Coates Design


Modern home design is completed designed by the architect Coates Design. This nice home design is called the Ellis Residence. It is an impressive weekend retreat which is precisely sited in Washington State.

Modern house project called the Ellis Residence is finished designed by the Coates Design architect. This nice modern house is located in Washington State. This comfortable new house is an example of the modern residential design which is incorporating the local environmental concerns, state-of-the art energy efficiency and the visionary educational opportunities for the public.

Which is raises the bar for the energy producing housing while maintaining aesthetically and the livability, this modern house project embodies the client’s vision of the home itself. To create the truly sustainable designs, this LEED Platinum is certified home is a milestone in the efforts of this achievement.


Nicely designed by the Coates Design, this new modern home is perched high upon Yeomalt Bluff. This new modern house architecture design is enjoys a commanding the 180 degrees view of the Puget Sound and the City of Seattle. Compared to an average North American home through the use of geothermal heat, photovoltaic energy collection, solar hot water, thermal massing, and the heat recovery technologies, this home is features a 70% energy use reduction.

This modern home is built in the wood surrounding, calmness and comfortable atmosphere is blend with the natural situation. From the living room area, the client can able to see the beautiful surrounding landscape. The architect designing this area with a glass door which can able to fully open.

Not from the living room area, in the kitchen the client also does the same thing; the glass window is placed here by the architect.

The additional key features are including: the rain water collection cisterns, radiant floor heating, site-milled wood trim, triple-glazed windows and a vegetable roof.


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