7 Awesome Knit Items In The Interior: Preparing A House To Winter


You may not often meet knits stuff in a modern interior design especially the use of major parts rather than the small ones, such as napkins and vases. Hand -made in the interior is just beginning to gain momentum. Fashion designers offer related to floor coverings, sofas and chairs, cushions, even the clock. Designer knitwear are very-very expensive so if you can knit yourself it will save a lot of money to decorate your home with unusual items which, in addition, will be unique. Should pay attention to such ideas and get something for yourself.

Designers offer products associated with pure wool but the practicality is better to take a simple thread with the addition of acrylic.
However, using knits in interior design should be remembered as not to overdo them. This is especially true of bright, saturated colors, and patterns that mimic color animals. It is better to be limited to a few unusual items that will focus on the attention. It can be knitted lampshade, vase for flowers, a set of decorative pillows, curtains, knitted cape on a sofa, ottoman, etc.

As for practicality, many parts can be removable, such as seat covers, to make them easy to clean .


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