20 Green Walls Design By Greenworks


Green walls design is completed designed by Greenworks, a Swedish company. This company gives the design and it is produce the green walls for the interior environment. This wall makes your home feel natural and fresh. You will feel like in a natural environment inside your nice dwelling.


A Swedish company, Greenworks, has completed designed an impressive wall decoration by using a natural elements, greens. The designer made this living space looks like an indoor labyrinth. The company, Greenworks, has created the customized indoor green walls and decorations. This fresh idea can bring a fresh accent to any apartment or the public space.

The green walls design’s  company designer imagines this would be a great solution for an office building too. The advantages of having such a green wall which is offered by this decorations such as air cleaning, humidification, evaporation of the air, aesthetic impressions, sound absorbing, the distinct symbol of having a unique profile and appreciations from the visitors are just a few benefits which is listed by the people at green works.

According to the procedure which is offering by the designer, you can buy your own wall and see to the maintenance yourself, or the designer can set up a leasing contract with a well-reputed plant-service-company which will take care of the water filling, nutrition, cleaning and replanting with a guarantee which promising that the walls are always looks fresh and healthy.


The Greenworks Company designs, produces, and market functional furniture and the interior details with an extensive amount of plants. Plants with their unique health bringing capacities are always the base in our products.
They simply produce living furniture that contributes to the creation of better indoor environments.

Greenworks starts with the Moving Hedge product idea and it has evoked from Lisa’s and Pers mutual interest in green walls combined with their long experience in the fields of product development and design.

The product idea was presented to the Furniture Kingdom 2008 and the first prototype was presented at Svensk Forms exhibition Swedish Love Stories in Milan April 2009. The product was also selected in the Furniture Kingdoms project Green Design to be introduced at the International Contemporary Fair – ICFF in New York May 2009.
Today the Greenworks family has been enlarged with more products: Plant walls, Babylone and the Greenscreen under development.


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