20 Contemporary Home Design In Chile


Here it is, a contemporary home design which is completed created by Gonzalo Mardones Viviani. Personally I really love the red color of this house, and its look so modern in design. Are you feel curious about this nice house design? Then give it a break!

Lately, I have gathered he information about the modern and contemporary home design which is called the Miele Light Box. This nice home is completed designed by Gonzalo Mardones Viviani. Located in Huechuraba, Santiago, Chile, this beautiful home will attract everyone with the red color. There this living space is covers area for about 120 square meters.

I think the architectural idea of the pavilion MIELE Light box at Casacor is based on trying to reflect the atmosphere of Miele products. On one side, there is the idea of lightness; it is where the pavilion comes off the ground so that the volume “levitates” respecting the place without touching it. On the other hand, there is the idea of color, where Miele’s corporate red color is used on all its façades and pillars.

The facade of the living space folds allow achieving an atmosphere of “welfare of the temporary being”, it is where each wall inside sets out to receive the ovens, refrigerators and the equipment. In the center of the composition is the bell, also red, hanging from the sky above the main counter. In contrast to this composition, and as a complement, there are two modules of wing furniture and black stools that reaffirm the lines of the built volume. All the furniture was designed by Orlando Gatica.

In the interior design, when you enter this living space, a cozy and warmth atmosphere flows freely there. So calm inside this living space. The color combination is matched with the furniture colors. Very nice!

Well, eventually I have to say this is really awesome home design, admire it! That’s all guys, have a nice day!


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