15 Trends In Interior Design Of 2019


New Year is an an excellent opportunity to make a pleasant change in your interior. We examined some trends of the coming year: interior design, colors, the use of textures, shapes and objects.

Wood is the prefect choice

Since 2019 is the year of the Wooden Horse, it says that natural materials are in demand, more preferable the wood.

Wood looks very warm and blends harmoniously into any decor, just place the other objects in right way, because bright elements may overload your interior. Homogeneous background also looks stylish and very versatile. Combine it with the white color.

Blue and green – best color accents

Blue and green are quite strong and vibrant colors, that is why better to use it as the accents in the interior.

For those who like to make experiments just paint the wall with one of these colors. More conservative way is to change pillows, buy new dishes, a few candles, decor matching the color. You can also change the curtains and carpet. Or buy a new chair. It all depends on your imagination and financial possibilities, although even with a small budget you may completely change the mood of your home in a few days.

Scandinavian mood

Scandinavian style is very popular nowadays in home design. The abundance of natural materials, white color, cozy and simplicity – the main tips of creation Scandinavian atmosphere. Very important to know how to combine the functionality and decor items to make the room very comfortable.


As you know, the color of the year is green, so it is really in trend to have something fresh and green in your house, for example foliose plants. It may be one large flower or a few small. Place large pots on the floor but for a small one choose shelves, cabinets or drawers and forget about stands and window sill.

Easy negligence

It does not mean that you needn’t to clean the house. As for the arrangement of furniture and objects you may allow certain negligence. And it’s better to pay attention to the accents.

Do not take any advice literally, you should apply only to a single element in the room because if we wish to play with all furniture and objects in the house it will be more like a disorder and chaos. How can we create the right mood ? Place the carpet asymmetrically, let’s magazines on the table will be in disorder, throw the blanket on the couch. This will revive your house and make visitors feel more relaxed in it.


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