15 Modern Interior In A Moroccan Style


Moroccan style brings unique interweaving of Arabic, Mediterranean and African motifs. If you are passionate about the aesthetics of the East, Eastern collect items and souvenirs, then you can safely bring into the interior of his house motifs of Moroccan style.

Due to its geographical location and its eventful history of the Moroccan identity and international culture. Arabic style here is a fundamental. Historic neighborhoods and palaces of Tangier and Marrakech are prime examples of this style.

The architectural concept of Moroccan style fully adheres to the Arab tradition. Detached house in a Moroccan style is a polyhedron with stucco facades of pink and beige tones to pure white interior.

High ceilings, narrow windows that are adjacent to one side of the wall of the stairs without railings. Bathrooms domed ceiling, lined up the middle is not a big wall tiles, decorated with geometric designs. Required element bathroom small square pool .

For registration of a city apartment in a Moroccan style stick with a color interior design with warm colors ( ocher, terracotta, sand ), in combination with emerald – green sky- blue, magenta. Add contrasting colors ( purple, red).

At sufficiently high ceilings with wooden beams to issue them with a painted ornament. Ceilings can be finished as well as the walls. Start walls with beige and sand colors, the alternative – plaster for painting. Window frames can be supplemented with metal or wooden arcs in black. Doorways and doors are wooden, paneled, predominantly black in contrast to the red and white.

Doorways can make curly wooden lattice. The floor in the traditional Moroccan style, stone or ceramic. However, the permissible wooden floors made of dark wood beds made or monotonous dark linoleum. Niches with illuminations replace shelves and cabinets. Complete interior Mediterranean plants, planted in large ceramic pots .

Paying Moroccan style in your apartment paneled walls in the hallway in blue or red colors, the ceiling in a beige color.

Small bedroom issued in the form of a tent. Hang along the walls to the ceiling cornices red cloth with gold oriental pattern. Place the lamp on the ceiling plane. Cover the floors with oriental carpets, decorative pillows and poufs. Instead, set a low wooden bed with a mattress podium. Complete bedroom interior with carved wooden dresser .

Living room with a modern interior design light furnishings. The carpet on the floor, decorative pillows, wall lights, beamed meals on trays bring Moroccan style in this room.


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