Apartment Interior Design By Robert Bailey


Apartment interior design is completed designed by the Canadian interior designer Robert Bailey. He has completed designed a penthouse apartment interior which is located downtown Vancouver, Canada.


Robert Bailey, a Canadian interior designer has completed designed a penthouse apartment interior located in downtown Vancouver, Canada. This two storey apartment is covers area for about 6400 square foot. It is placed in the 47th and 48th, plus 48th for the roof deck, of the Fairmont Building in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

The architect designed the penthouse intended for a couple who include Vancouver amongst their global destination. The 
interior apartment design project is carried out in two phases, one during the construction of the base building and the second when the suite is handed over to the owner. By having worked with the clients on previous home in the West Vancouver+London, their direction is understood. The home is to e comfortably luxurious and visually quiet.


The materials which are used for this construction for the skin f the apartment are warm and neutral, wide plank bleached oak flooring, walnut doors and millwork, taupe stone and marble. The architect custom designed the furniture in a scale to befit the commodious spaces, but also with the heirloom quality craftsmanship and materials.

The spaces are planned to suit entertaining large groups or intimate gatherings equally well.   The style of the apartment is modern with respect for traditional values of comfort and ease of use. The combination between the bright color and brown, which comes from the wooden furniture, add a cozy and warmth atmosphere inside the living space interior design. A calm and comfortable feeling can be found inside this apartment. It’s a perfect place to take some rest after the bored day. Nice!


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