6 Awesome Autumn Color Combinations


Every season there are new color trends. This particular combination of colors that work perfectly together, and help you create a harmonious and holistic interior.

Let’s follow the trends and analyze coloristics matched interiors. Perhaps some of the options will attract to you and you decide to re-create it in your home.

1. Emerald Dove

Another monochrome interior. The gray color looks very much as in autumn. Sophisticated Emerald gives flavor and the texture of velvet makes it a blue-gray and deep. And gray and emerald colors are combined with each other perfectly. Contrast spot in the room was a wooden coffee table light oak color.

2. Dijon mustard

This interior has a fairly simple basis of the gray scale. Furnished with a light brown Zelenitz smoothly leads to the main color of the mood of the composition – the color of Dijon mustard. He is rich, vivid and memorable. That is why is not more than 3-6% of the color gamut of the interior. This is a feature of all the accent colors – a little bit, but catchy.

3. Velvety Aubergine

In this room, the color combination is much more complex. The rich olive and aubergine colors sustained in almost equal proportions. Note – both colors are made on matte texture, no glare and do not reflect the neighboring colors. Optional color visible on the dark wood dining group. And, of course, festive white – the color of a win-win in any interior.

4. The Scarlet turquoise

This color range is quite rare in its combination. Turquoise and red – two colors are very self-sufficient. To them looked alive in the same room and not argue with each other, place them at a distance. A better – even on different planes. Presented on the interior, for example, is decorated with crimson vertical rear wall shelf. A group dining chairs are decorated in a turquoise color. Color co-exist peacefully and harmoniously diluted with lighter shade of the walls.

5. Green Orange

This combination of a lively and joyful. It is perfectly suited to the gloomy autumn days. Arrange interior with orange and olive colors in the ratio of 4:1, respectively. A vibrant mix of dilute neutral bezhem, white and dark brown.

6. plum monochrome

One of the most pleasing combinations. Beige and gray-brown, which are present in virtually every element of the interior create a monochrome color base. Accent, there are two colors – it’s plum and gray-blue. Plum color is about 15%, it is present in the design of textiles and resonates with a touch of wood coffee table. Blue see only inclusion – 1.2%, and in spite of a small amount of that color in the interior, one can not ignore its global impact on the overall perception.


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