30 Modern Minimalist White Color Interiors


In the north property sloping from Copenhagen, the House Fredensborg built on five small plateau that is connected with the steps, which reflect the shape surrounding area. Aesthetics home comes from the inspiration brought by the architectural maze mountain village, the people that you may find familiar in Southern Europe, the architecture of Chinese temples, and in the works of modernist minimalist architecture Denmark Jorn Utzon. Many yellow tile roof overlapping rhythmic Fredensborg – resonates in the design of slope movement. Roof color palette consists of four tones of yellow and brown are different in the mix, to achieve natural imperfections. This gives a miniature scene that seems harmonious and charming like that of a traditional mountain village a Southern Europe, when the roof seen from the highest point of property.

A wide central staircase features house interior architectural , highlighted by high ceilings and large glass facades look through the fine park. Vertical narrow windows facing east and west to see optimize points, as well as to serve as a canvas for natural light to successfully illuminate the room in the house. These properties do not reveal large size at first sight. Not until you walk along the east side of the house through a small path up the hill toward the main entrance, will be introduced several new volumes. You will also find a stunning visual of a stretch of 18 meters from east to west axis of the house, through one vertical window view into the kitchen area.

Natural Material & Light Feature

One of the main objectives for this house is to provide a feeling of serenity and calm. To achieve this goal, the use of different contrast material is minimized. And to conform with the environmental elements of the building and remain faithful to the natural form, many local materials are used. exterior consists of tiles of yellow, yellow brick and ‘wood‘ painted black. The interior consists of a gray wall of crude, natural brushed oak floor and ceiling white. The use of the same material is consistent throughout the house are what give the labyrinth structure cohesive look and feel as one large continuous space. It is a choice of local materials that give the same harmony as you find in the old villages where everything is built from what can be accessed throughout the village. The use of ‘natural materials’, which has some imperfections provide an authentic house aesthetic – like that of age structure and precious good, which only become more beautiful as it decomposes. That the reason we are very much inspired by the ideas of wabi-Sabi Japanese on when choosing materials.


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