18 Best Spanish Style In The Interior Design


Spanish style includes unique and amazing abilities to prepossess. Pretty bold decisions and contrasting details fully convey the Spanish passionate nature. Rich Spanish architecture combines different cultures.

Style Features

Interior design has features which peculiar for Spanish culture which differs its picturesque, elegance and simplicity. That is why in the Spanish style bright colors are dominated and characterized by contrasts – pretty often you may notice the dark window or door frames and light-colored walls, and various forged parts; contrasting light furniture with dark floors.The furniture is quite massive, made ??mostly from the oak but there is no feeling of overloading, in fact, designers locate it near light windows. Particular attention is paid to various niches. In most cases you should to focus on decoration and small objects: decorated candles and iron candlesticks.It looks like rough plastered surface or made of stones.

The Spanish design has two main styles


Style finally formed in the middle of the last century and includes Mediterranean direction and Tuscan design. Distinctive features – using only natural materials and light colors. Many items have shades of aqua. Widely used decorative elements : forged lamps, paintings, pillows and so on ). Mediterranean style is very calm and strict laconic.


Appeared in the 1 century and inherited many Spanish cultural characteristics and traditions. This style can be recognized by usage of carved and cane furniture, ethnic objects. The floors in this design are made of stone or wood. In the interior there are images of plants and animals, a variety of masks. Colonial style should carry both romantic and wandering spirits.


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