Adidas Germany Office Interior Design By Kinzo


Office interior design is completed designed by the interior designer KINZO. They have created a new office interior working environment and furniture system for the Adidas Corporation’s headquarters which is based in Herzogenaurach, Germany.

Office Interior Design Review

KINZO have completed designed a modern interior design of an Adidas office which is based in Herzogenaurach, Germany. Round about 1,700 adidas’s staff members have moved into a new working environment at the corporation’s headquarter here. It is a building which is distinguished by an exterior and an interior which strike the new path-literally: Glass walkways cross the inner courtyard; it is interviewing the aces of a sport shoe.

The architect, which is Berlin-based, translated kadawittfeldarchitektur’s communicative architectural concept into a custom-made furniture and interior design which is ‘pure adidas’, both in form and the function. Workout opens up new realms of creativity and possibilities for team play – and displays folders, textiles, balls and shoes with the visual quality and continuity of a film set.

The multi-functional room module does not only serve as a support for desktops and storage, the ‘Teamplayer’ serves as the arrangement’s centerpiece which is enables to one and structure in different kinds of team areas within the open office. The impression of a honeycomb ‘space within a space’, transparent and airy but also stacked off as the workspace of a particular team are created by the distinct rhomboid side panels of the Teamplayer. No WORKOUT elements works entirely on its own, whether Teamspace, Slotty or Wheels, as characteristic for every team effort. All parts are functionally and aesthetically designed to work together: the furniture as a team!

Office Interior Design Architect Background

The interior designer design is used to produce the alloys of the perfect space, time, form and function. The design is not a program but achieve a state have the space and the function to be better than the others. The design is also makes sense only if the central idea is elaborated in detail.

They consider their task is complete and generally not compositionally. They think scenographically. The interior designer seeks the expansion of horizons by taking advantage of interfaces and architecture. They conduct research in the studio and experiment in the workshop for a maximum of identity and experience of their projects. Since 2003, their office provides expressive and advanced solutions for temporary buildings and high-quality interior and product and furniture design.


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