About Small Office Interior Design Ideas


Hi guys! Today I would like to talk about a Small Office Interior Design. I will tell you how to design, manage and organize the small office space. Small is not meaning limited in ideas, but with this space, you can create a comfortable office space. Well guys, see below for more ideas!

For me, when we designing the small office space areas, there are several considerations to bear in mind. In this minimal space office, maximize the use of the floor space is the main goal. For small office design which has a limited space, functionality is an important feature. For organize and manage his small office design, you have to take the time to consider the painting of the walls, desks and chairs, and lighting. Then let’s talk about it one by one.

For the small office, wall paint is also important aspect to consider. I suggest picking a color which is neutral or open up a small office space area. Just pick the lighter colors and decorative borders. If you use the dark color in this small space, you will make this area tend to close and make it appear smaller. Here several color choices to guide you; pick a color such as light green, beige, lemon, and off-white for painting the office walls.

For the furnishing, office desk and chairs just pick the best one which is match for the entire work area. Steer clear of selecting the mismatched chairs and desks, if you do, then the small office space can look smaller and cluttered with the mismatched business furniture. So just match the furniture and the desk styles with other furniture which is present, if you are sharing the small office space with the others. Try to choose the desks which is provide the storage space and maximum floor space. The ideal one is the tall desks with the shelves cubbies and space to hold the equipment.

For the lighting, this aspect is very important in a work space. For the small office, try to design the ceiling lighting and the natural lighting from the windows which are using no floor space. To illuminate the small office space, just install the florescent lights, or even use the business-style chandeliers from the ceiling. Select a location for the small office that is near a window that can let in natural lighting for the area. Several thing to remember, check the lighting from sitting at the office desk. Make certain there isn’t a glare on the computer monitor. Check the lighting at different times of the day. The sun’s angle and position can make working with natural lighting unbearable if the sun is shining directly on faces or computer monitors.

Well guys, that’s all about the small office interior design ideas. I hope this little information is useful enough. Have a nice work!


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