9 Ideas For Decorating A Small Office Space


Hi guys! Today I would like to share about Decorating A Small Office Space. I always say that ‘small’ is not always ‘limited’, but it is mean a large creativity of work. So has a small office is not bad at all. But of course if you know how to make it or manage it to be more attractive than the ordinary one. Well guys, if you want to see more about these ideas, see below then!

For me, decorating a small work space is involves finding a balance between your personality; the decor, style and feel of your work space; and the need for organized the storage in the limited space. Then by following my guidelines and procedure, I bet you can decorate your limited space in a way which maximizes efficiency and reflects your personality yet conforms to your company’s template.

First thing before you go further, you have to clear out your office space. This is important to determine what your office concept is in the future. Visualize how you want the space to look then make a list of the elements which you would like to introduce. You have to determine if you have sufficient storage for all of your files, supplies and stationery, or if you need to bring in additional cabinets or shelves.

I suggest you to pick cabinets if you need additional storage, it will maximize the floor space and will either fit the underneath your table or can be tucked into a corner where they will not lock your path or your view. You may also eliminate the clutter from your desk by opting for wall shelving which can hold your books, pens and other stationery.

For coloring, I suggest choose a paint color for the wall which is blends with the rest of your floor and the office decor. Just as information for you, light, neutral color can open up a space and it will create the illusion of a larger office.

For attracting elements, introduce the decorative wall art which appeals to your taste and is also in keeping with the company’s culture. Keep the decor simple yet tasteful with a few, selected pieces which match the scale of the small work space.

You can also personalize at least one wall with a few pictures of your family or a fondly remembered vacation, as well as inspirational quotes which you like or a few pieces of the framed art which is created by your children.

For the lighting, just add strategically placed lighting. You can use the tall floor lamps, ceiling fixtures or just the pendant lights which do not occupy too much floor space, but yet it is sufficiently illuminate your office and the desk.

The last, you have to organize all of your stationery items and store them neatly in drawers or shelves where they can be easily accessed without causing clutter.

Well guys, that’s all about how to decorate a small space work. Remember that the word ‘small’ is not always ‘limited’. Ok guys, I hope this information is useful enough for you. Have a nice work!


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