The Nautilus Restaurant Interior Designs By Design Spirits


Restaurant interior designs is completed designed by Design Spiritsinterior designer. They have completed designed an interior design of a restaurant which called the Nautilus Restaurant. This restaurant is located in Singapore.


Design Spirits has completed designed an interior design of a Singaporean-based restaurant called the Nautilus. This restaurant is precisely located on the fourth of the ION shopping center, where which is opened recently on the Orchard Road, Singapore.

The great strategy of the location has brought this restaurant lot of the benefits as the floor composite of sales, drinks and food. Besides, by an oyster bar and on the other side by the displays of delectable dessert and trays of the fresh crustaceans on ice, the entrance of the restaurant is flanked on one side.

The restaurant is owned by the president of the cargo company (and she is surprisingly beautiful woman boss). She done recruiting the chef of by owner oneself from New Zealand, and they are popular among New Zealanders like a celebrity.


From the beginning, by the food consultant, a certain concept of the design, chef, design and the location have been prepared. In order to make the visitor enter easily without any hesitations, the interior designer stopped making a facade and designed the entrance where a common passageway for the restaurant.

To highlight the beginning of the passageway into the restaurant, both are curved inward towards the middle. This achievements are creating a non-intimidating welcome for passers-by to get a glimpse of what the restaurant has to offer, as well as sets the tone for the restaurant’s focus on an interactive experience for the patrons.

The designer has predicted that the visitor unit price would rise in meetings, so they stopped making a façade and they designed the entrance where a common use passage led to restaurant to make visitor enter easily. The skeleton of the restaurant had curve, so the designer made the others curve to let it be familiar. The wood material was requested by owner. Design Spirits made effort that it does not look futuristic because of its curve. It is a design lasting a long time not a style that they aim.


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