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Hi guys! Are you working on the office building? How’s the interior design? Is it boring or you felt uncomfortable there? Today I would like to post about how to design an Executive Office Interior Design which can affect the employees’ mood. Well guys, if you feel curious yet about it, see below then!

As we all know, offices are a place to do work. Offices can be a place where the people works alone or just come to do business; each situation is different in its design needs. A common office interior design is look so old or even boring, so this office also needs comfortable seating for visitors.

Then if this office looks so boring, why don’t do a new decoration or redesign this executive office interior design? Let me lead you to do this. The first let it start from the wall, yes; we start with the paint colors. Based on my opinion, blue and greens are peaceful; gold are warmth and cozy; bold colors enhance the creativity; while medium beige is good for conversation. Add an interest to the wall with the wall covering, such as using a highly textured paper on one wall. You can also add a chair rail and treat the top and the lower sections differently.

Another thing to consider, if the office is intended for n individual offices, then you should place the desk so it faces a nice view or place the desk faced the door if the people will e coming in to interact with the worker. But don’t think only of the typical office desk, it will be boring after all. A beautifully carved library table or a sleek chrome-and-glass version will make a statement. Then across from the desk, place two guest chairs.

For the office seating, you have to pick the good seating. Maybe a swivel chair on wheels works best for an office, as the worker will want to access the files without getting up. For all-day comfort, you can use an ergonomic chair with a firm back. It can still be attractive though. Rich leather, fancy brocade or even a contemporary metal mesh chair can all work here, depending on the style of the room.

For the lighting office interior design, you have chosen it carefully. A lamp on the desk for close work is essential, but another source of lighting is also necessary. An overhead light is good for general work situations. If there is none, then add another lamp on the credenza and a torchiere in a corner, or even two if needed, which will help deflect light off the ceiling to create an overall light source.

Well guys, that’s a little hints to create a comfortable executive office interior design. I hope this post is useful enough. Have a nice work!

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