Contemporary Tree Restaurant In Sydney By Koichi Takada Architects


Contemporary restaurant interior design is completed designed by Koichi Takada Architects.  This contemporary restaurant which called the TREE Restaurant is completed designed in Sydney, Australia. It is a Japanese restaurant which serves Japanese foods.


Koichi Takada Architects has completed designed a contemporary restaurant which called the TREE Restaurant. This nice and cozy restaurant is located in Sydney, Australia. The architect practice explores how the contemporary interior design can best embody the qualities and virtues present in the nature.

They propose a dining concept which recreates HANAMI. It is the traditional Japanese festival of the Cherry Blossom in bloom. Dining under the cherry blossom trees is a social gathering that celebrates the arrival of spring. This concept not only represents the serving of Japanese cuisines, but also hopes to capture a symbolic place for the locals to gather and dine under ‘one big tree’ and for the owner to nurture the business as if growing a tree.

In this restaurant design, the architect wish to emulate the comfort and tranquility the canopy of the tree can create. The Sushi Train restaurant transformed into a place of the nature by the timber profiles which creates the branches of the tree. Inside this restaurant, the flairs of the light change as you move throughout the restaurant, it is mimicking the irregularity of the natural sunlight, while highlighting the path of the Sushi Train.


This restaurant which called the TREE Restaurant has become symbolic of the nurture and care put into growing this successful business, conceptually. The branches of the restaurant extend to the perimeter, encompassing the diners and workers alike.

By using the CNC technology, the timber profiles have been cut, it is minimizing the waste and it is allowing the accuracy and the detail in the design. The warmth of the timber to the interior brought by the Gaboon Marine Plywood which complements the texture of the rendered walls.


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