Amazing Dental Office Design Ideas


Hi guys! Today I bring something new, neither the home nor the building design, but a dental office interior design, sound interesting, isn’t? This is modern interior design of a dental office which is located in Spain. This interior applies the principle of Continuous, Consecutive and Contiguous Spatial Practices with white glass. Well guys, if you want to know more about this office, then see below!

This dental office interior design was completed designed by the architect Estudio Arquitectura Hago – Emilio Delgado Martos & Antonio Álvarez-Cienfuegos Rubio. This dental office is located on Malaga, Spain. There it comprises area for about 350 square meters and spent for about 350,000 €. It is a 2011-2012 year project.

In the first opening, I say that this home is applying the concept of continuous, consecutive and contiguous spatial practices with white glass. The story is that this dental clinic is placed on the second floor of an office building. This project starts from seeing the clinic as a spatial complex and not as the combination of public and private fragments. The to achieve it, the architect aim that several project and the clinical aspects take part in the same spatial experience, it is acted by organizing the flow of the patients and the movement of the medical personal.

First I would like to talk about the ‘continuous’ which I mentioned before. The patients can perceive the idea of the clinic as a whole everywhere. From the reception to the waiting room and the medical rooms, the flow of the people takes place all around the huge case which is made of translucent white glass going all over the clinic. The flow of medical personnel fits into the batter of the vitreous wall. The medical activity takes place everywhere, from the inside of the case (laboratories and warehouse) to every single armchair in the medical rooms.

About the ‘consecutive’ concept, the functional programme becomes the image of the clinic; it is being the inside of the case the operations center. The main uses follow in a consecutive way: reception-wait, perimetral corridor, laboratories-storage-sterilization-offices and medical rooms. The medical rooms are presented following the same plan and offering an infinite growth approach (as if there were three cases). These rooms are closed in order to accommodate the first visits and special treatments.

About the ‘contiguous’ concept, which present contiguously different spatial experiences, the spaces set out an organized exchange of the materials, textures and reflexes. Inside this dental clinic, the waiting room and the reception are accommodated by the folded wood. The high-gloss finishes flank the perimeter of the glass made case on the ceiling and on the floor.

The architect propose the powerful subtlety of changing the finish into the main figure in the space which is putting into the dialogue the aesthetic area of the waiting room with a domestic and the soft finish, and with the movement area of the vitreous perimeter, it is where the reflex shows the almost infinite in length and height space. The result remains in the patient’s memory: a great space that represents a great medical team.

In order to cover all the spaces, the glass and the light form and the alliance are applied. While in order to take advantage of the constant natural lighting, the medical rooms are placed next to the perimeter of the facade which is placed in the north. The light is graduated through the glass so that it firstly floods into the working areas inside the case and then into the waiting areas.

Well guys, this is a truly modern dental office interior design indeed. If you have trouble with your teeth, just come here and see its modern interior by yourself, well I’m joking. Ok guys, I hope this little information is useful enough for you. Have a nice day!


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