30 Examples and Expert Tips In Home Office Painting Ideas


Today I would like to share about the Home Office Painting Ideas. Painting is an easy work, but many people agree the most difficult part is picking the suitable color for the home office wall remembering many color choices. Well then guys, if you want to know more about these painting ideas, see below for more complete information!

You can liven up your office space with a few coasts of paint in your favorite color. Just do not afraid to go for a bold design. It is up to you if you want to brighten or even darken your home office space. Here several painting design which is office usually use!

The first painting ideas are chalkboard paint. It is a creative way to enhance your office space; you should write down your ideas, make grocery lists or just let your kids draw some pictures there. You have to paint your walls with two coats of primer to create a chalkboard wall in your office. Then you should apply the chalkboard paint over the primer. You can go even further and apply two coats of magnetic paint over the chalkboard paint and you will have a place to hang the artwork and the colorful magnets. These ideas can bring out your creative side.

The next ideas in office painting, faux picture frames. Use paint to create faux picture frames for your artwork for an art-inspired office. The painted picture frames work best against a bright, bold color such as red or orange. With masking tape, outline the border of your print and apply two coats of paint. Then let it dry at least for about one day before you peel the tape off. The last, hang your picture inside the border and you will have a wall of art in your office space.

Next ideas for office painting are stripes. This is another techniques which is looks great inside the office. Paint a big bold stripes on one of the office wall can create an attractive feeling. Before you choose your colors, you should take into consideration the existing palette in the room. Tape off the wall into your desired-size stripes and paint. Then once it is dried, gently peel away the tape to reveal your new vibrant, cheery design.

Well guys, at least I have to say that’s all I have got. I hope this little information is useful for you. Have a nice painting!

The last ideas for office painting for me are mural art. These ideas are not just for the ceiling decoration. You will need an overhead projector to create this mural to your office wall. Project the design directly on your wall by using the projector and the design of your choice which has been printed on overhead paper. To create the outline, you should turn off the light and slowly trace around your design in pencil to create an outline. To create your mural, just outline around the stencil in paint.


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