10 Salon Design By Takehiko Nez Architects


Are you a woman or girl who love to go to the salon very much, or you are a salon owner? Well, it doesn’t matter whether you are or not. Here I have a review about a salon design, and I think this salon is quiet good in interior and the design. Have you feel curious yet, then check below!

This salon design which I said it’s impressive is called the Vision Salon. Built in Japan by Takehiko Nez Architects in 2010. It is precisely located in Yamanashi, Japan. Based on the salon information which I had gathered before, in the previous this building is a jewelry shop, until seven years ago this building was transformed to be a salon by the hairdressers.

From the picture I knew that the existing building built along a trunk road in a suburban city. It is a perfect location for doing a business ever like a salon. In this case, Takehiko’s client asked him to extend the floor area and change the facade to a more inviting design. But therefore the designer designed the extension by introducing a subtle element which works in the same way as a veil changes a person’s facial expression.

I think, in a time when the extended usage of the existing building stock has become an important aspect of the design practice, a thorough observation, insight and imagination, in respect to the existing conditions and possibilities, is needed when designing an extension or renovation, even more so than is required for the design of a new building. But above all, rather than just simply designing objects, it has become desirable to integrate into the design, newly created relations in response to the existing site conditions. I can said that the architect expressed such relations by creating architecture, layered like a millefeuille, with numerous folds effectively creating variety


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