Outdoor Spaces With Plants Of The Same Color Ideas


Mastering the art of color in the garden can be very important if you’re really passionate about gardening and the space in your home is one of the most important to you. One of the main advice is to illuminate the darker areas of your garden with the bright colors of the flowers. Put plants like the bamboo or yellow flowers, which have the effect of acting as if he were watching the sun there.

But if you want something very simple and that is also perfect in the garden, is to choose only one color for all the space. You can make that space look larger and deeper playing with different shades of same color. For example, you can choose different shades of yellow and plant them around your garden, including plants put in a color that pleases you also.

You can also make your garden a different landscape creating contrasts. Just as the white stands out more when you put it next to black, you can do the same in your garden by combining plants with colorful flowers clear with those of darker colors. For example, you can put those flowerless plants which have colors like dark green or purple as the backdrop for yellow roses.

Just as your home decor changes with the seasons, you can achieve that effect in the garden, simply adjusting the shades depending on the month in which you are. And it’s not as difficult as it sounds, you only pay attention to the time when your flowers bloom. For example, you can put blue or pink flowers in spring, red roses and deeper during the warmer months and colors like orange and gold for the fall.


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