Living Room Set Furniture By Diesel


Are you hunting or looking for a nice furniture intended for your nice living space/ living room? Here I have review about what you are looking for. A living room set furniture which have completed created by DIESEL. This furniture set which called the Successful Living have exhibited during the Milan Design Week 2010.

We know that the living space is the place where we have some funs, we can express our personality, relax and put our feet up on the sofa. Then to achieve it, the new furniture set which has created by Diesel Home collections are born from a mix of styles, a clash of colors, a blur of the fashion, graphics and the home furnishings. I think the values of this furniture is the sexy spirit and rock attitude of a casual lifestyle.

I guess, the designer of the furniture in designing the living room set is inspired from the home itself. Truth be told there are no definite furnishing theme at this moment. However, I definitely envision my crib to be: modern, sophisticated, edgy, rebellious yet with a twist of irony, and not to mention it also has to be  sustainable and Eco-friendly too. And what else perfectly embodies this design ethos that I am looking for than DIESEL’s home furnishing line. If have the means, I would love to have a few of these nifty items in my future home. Or at least, something that resembles these items.

When fashion meets design comes the Diesel collection Successful Living, a series of chairs, furniture and lamps made by Moroso and Foscarini in collaboration with Diesel. The result is a complete range of products for the furniture and modern design ideal for furnishing and confident with style and simplicity, informal and dynamic environments. To learn about the new collection of furniture, chairs and lamps created from the collaboration of the three big names on the international scene, Foscarini, Moroso and Diesel, the appointment is at the Superstudio Più in via Tortona 27 in Milan from 12 to 17 April 2011.

Nice furniture, my opinion, its more like a contemporary furniture design, and I like it!


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