Contemporary Furniture Design In Milan Design Week By Innermost


Contemporary design is always attract people, even personally I love it. Here it is impressive furniture creation which has been exhibited during the Milan Design Week 2010. I really admire this pieces which has created by British design brand Innermost. They have exhibited of their most recent pieces at the Superstudio in Milan’s Zona Tortona

Like always, a lot of furniture designers show their product during the Milan Design Week 2010. And one of the contestants is British design brand Innermost. These furniture designers showed and exhibited some of their most recent pieces at Superstudio in Milan’s Zona Tortona. sophisticated modern lamps and modern tables design, this exhibition gives a lot of choices to all the customers, and this furniture design one of the beautiful furniture on the exhibition

For the first sight I saw the picture of the design, I feel a fresh atmosphere flow in my mind and actually I want to some of this pieces to put in my beloved dwelling. In designing the project, the British design brand Innermost combine the table and the lamp for your home interior improvement that bring the modesty and modernity to your home, if you like the beautiful furniture for your home, you should have these two furniture design. A must have furniture stuffs

Based on the design, I’m pretty sure that their collection focuses on Lighting and Furniture pieces for the hospitality and domestic interior.

Now let me talk about the designer. Founded in 1999 by designers Steve Jones and Russell Cameron, the pair aimed to build a design brand by collaborating with the huge reservoir of design talent London offered. London quickly widened out into Europe and within two years the company was fielding work from designers all over the world.

They launching any design are a hard task; the simplest of objects always hide the pain that went into their creation. Every designer which brings them their valuable idea has a different feeling about the object and it is Innermost’s job to balance and manage these needs and make sure the market understands, accepts and desires them.

They hold the same principles and rules for their product development now as we did in 1999 when they developed the first collection. They search and work to find and create innovation that comes from the material, the process or the aesthetic of their products. When you take that and fuse it with intelligent high quality manufacturing the results speak for themselves.

To all the designers, producers and clients that they have worked with over the years to help achieve the product range they have on offer today – thank you.


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