Awesome Restaurant Design


Do you have a plan for dinner with someone special? Then I have a right place which is recommended for you, a contemporary restaurantcalled the Chef’s Table. It is pretty modern and so contemporary in looking. A perfect place to stop by. Check the review below!

Recently, I have got the information about a contemporary design interior restaurant which called the Chef’s Table. Based on the information, this restaurant is completed designed by Buensalido Architects. Located in Fort Global City, Taguig City, Philippines, this contemporary restaurant is owned by celebrity Chef Bruce Lim, a well celebrated chef who hosts world-renowned TV cooking shows and consults for the numerous food companies. His cuisine is essentially contemporary Filipino. He takes local dishes, ingredients, and recipes and gives them a surprising but pleasing twist.

Completed in 2010, this contemporary restaurant is covers area for about 250 square meters. I guess that the first design response was naturally to capitalize the persona of Bruce as a celebrity, giving focus to him within the space. The second was to reflect a re-packaged and a modern Filipino aesthetic in the restaurant, a strategy that matches his philosophy in cooking.

Of this restaurant, I think that the core idea is that of weaving. This act of the intertwining is chosen because of its ubiquity in the Filipino culture as can be seen in the different aspect of life-banigs, sakalot, salakab, barong tagalog, vintas and even the native bahag just to name a few. This idea manifested in different levels of the design – in space, in views, in form, and in materials.

Personally, I’m very interesting about the kitchen as well. Typically, a kitchen is considered to be a “back-of-the-house” facility, one that is always hidden behind the closed walls or is pushed back to the most inconspicuous part of a restaurant. In the case of this project, the kitchen is designed as an open one and is the first thing that is seen upon entry as it was pushed to be right in the center of the space. In the middle of the kitchen and consequently the whole restaurant is the chef, the genius behind the sumptuous gastronomy.

Every interior design and furniture inside this restaurant will attract everyone who enters it. So I guess this is a perfect place to have a lunch or even dinner, with someone special of course. Well that’s all guys, have a nice day then!


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