8 Luxury Penthouse With Bright Red Accents


New York penthouse, by no means, deserves the status of “perfection” for its stylistic and design implementation. Luxury interior emphasize strict furniture geometric shapes and clear combination of three contrasting colors.

Deep, noble brown, pure white and juicy red – this palette made this penthouse one of the best. This is the traditional color combination, where each color is seen as an independent, but all colors complete each other – impulsive red was broken down by simple white and dark brown, in this case, emphasizes the minimalism.

Red was chosen to highlight the interior. But it’s pretty strong color which very difficult to combine with the furniture and elaboration that is why you should be careful using it.

In this luxury penthouse everything looks harmonious and comfortable. There is carpet, burgundy pillows, black-and-white pictures which make the interior really fashionable. The fact is that the red color transforms the living area. It brings the feeling of fest, attracts attention and gives cheerfulness. Designers followed by fine line which had nothing common with tortuous and screaming styles.

Every detail in the rooms designed and emphasizes the overall rich style. In the interior were used a lot of natural materials: marble bathroom has a wooden deck with hot tub, natural stone used for decorating the walls, where was set the fireplace.

This interior is perfect for people who prefer luxury and glamor.


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