20 Contemporary Furniture Design, Table, Lunge And Lamp By E27


Here it is, I have an interesting furniture to talk about, a contemporary furniture which called the LOLL Table & Lunge and PIT Lamps. I promise this is an impressive design of furniture. Based on the previous information which I have read before, this contemporary furniture created by the Berlin-based design agency e27.

This chair and lamps design are shown during the Milan Design Week, it was exhibited by the designer. I guess in designing the project, the designer stretching metal from 2D to 3D into the furniture solutions. He stretching the laser cut steel sheet up to maximal strain, it is intended to create a static equilibrium, I think. A metal sheet just 3 millimeters thick has been turned into a lounger and a coffee table with this simple but ingenious technique.

Now let me review the lamp, both of the furniture made me enthusiast to inform you guys. I think the lamp which called the PIT Lam is based on a simple idea; I analyzed and abstracted the principle of tilting, looking for ways to integrate it into the design of a product. Then this lamp is the result of this process: it can easily and smoothly be swiveled in all directions.

For the designer, brands sell more than the products, it sell corporate philosophies. Looking forward to cooperation with all stakeholders in meaningful brands that can be implemented in all media developed. Whether left or complete corporate logo design, from e27 established brands always lasting impression.

Based on the previous information, since 1994 e27 convinced the network through user-friendly solutions. Whether intelligent navigation architecture and databases – the website is from conception, design and programming serves to hosting.

That’s all guys, it’s a nice furniture, isn’t? What are you waiting for? Want some? Order it then.


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