17 Apartment Interior Design By Exe Studio


Apartment interior design is completed designed by the EXE STUDIOinterior designer. This apartment room which covers area for about 69 square meters is located in Belgrade, Serbia. By the interior designer, this apartment which called the Apartment 67 was processed in 2010.

Completed designed by EXE STUDIO, this modern apartment interior and maybe it is contemporary design is based in Belgrade, Serbia. It project is covers area for about 69 square metersEXE STUDIO progressed this project in 2010.

This apartment project is called the Apartment 67. It is took a location in one of the New Belgrade’s block. This apartment design which designed by the architect is intended designed for a female student which is study in business school. The apartment interior is emphasizing the contrast of the black and green element; it is because all of the surfaces inside this apartment are rendered in white.


Between the living room and the kitchen, the central element in this apartment interior is a black box. It is separates these two functional zones. One side, a multifunctional element is used as a TV stand, while the other as a cover for the kitchen elements. The hexagonally designed elements penetrate the box.

These element have three functions, it is used as shelves, lighting and masks. These elements are placed on the wall, on the ceiling and on the box. It is connecting in one structure.

In the hexagonally element, each of these with the lighting function contains two lamps with the colored filters. A very special dramatic effect and the highlighted displays are created by a group of these lamps. By theses special effect, the whole apartment’s atmosphere can be changed, from bright and warm yellow colored light into cold blue colored light. Quite impressive apartment interior.


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