15 Best of Interior Trend Shell Chairs


This year “Shell Chair” celebrates its 60 anniversary. In 1963 one of the most well-known designers in Denmark Hans J. Wegner ,Danish founder of modernism in 1963 presented a rounded ” smiling ” three-legged chair with the official name ” a chair at number CH07″.

The experts highly appreciated this object but customers wasn’t interested in it. So Shell Chair had been disappeared until 1998  while world-famous Danish factory Carl Hansen & Son decided  to use new chair textiles and modernize it for sure setting a high cost.

In the conclusion, CH07 became the main  part of the interior of many expensive apartments and houses .
This chair  is well-known because of its  style and comfort. Simple forms, as well as a large variety of colors without doubt the best option for any interior.

Hans J. Wegner is recognized as the most innovative of all Danish furniture designers . He won almost all the major awards,  Lanning prize and Prince Eugen and Denmark Ekersberg medals .

Danish minimalism

Modern interior in the style of minimalism can be characterized as a simulation of space and light with only the most necessary items.The most important part of this style plays  furniture – it’s simple but at the same time very comfortable and functional . Chair is a real embodiment of such furniture .


The furniture in the loft are usually simple and functional , but it must also be unique so the room does not seem dull and empty. The main feature of lost design is a large room , brick wall and large windiws. So, the chair perfectly fits into the concept of a loft design.

There are no any strict restrictions, but this style still has its own characteristic and features. Eclectic style may be described as a room which combines two or three stylistic direction united by a common color scheme , texture, materials and architectural idea. ”Shell Chair” may fill in any room and bring with it the spirit of the Danish minimalism  to diversify eclectic interior.


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