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Hi guys! Its look like a long time ago since I have a long vacation, but it doesn’t matter, does it? Well that’s not the case I would like to talk about, but in this perfect chance I would like to try talk about a modern residence which is locate in USA, sound interesting isn’t? Then give it a break guys!

Recently I had done observated a modern residence which called the Andrews Glens Residence which was completed designed by the SMR Architects. This residence is located in Bellevue, Washington, USA. It is a beautiful residence architecture design which combined a conventional concept which is blended with the modern theme, and maybe I can say that this residence was inspired by a church.

In designing the living space, the architect had partnered with their clients, Imagine Housing, to provide approximately 40 units of transitional housing to an Eastside community deeply in need. Based on the design architecture, I can say that St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church is initiated the project, with a vision to help struggling individuals get back on their feet in a tangible way, and whose large, central site was a perfect fit.

To create the right program and the right building to suit the need and the site, the team collaborated over the course of two years. And now, twenty units and support services are dedicated to the needs of a formerly homeless, and largely disables, population of the Veterans, while an additional twenty units help to stabilize the community in providing for formerly homeless individuals and families.

For the exterior of the residence building, the architect make it simple and modest, respectful of the larger community in massing, color and the materials which was used. I will tell you the details which are based on the residence image which I had inserted in the post. The richly mottled concrete common room walls, flanking the bright, welcoming doorway, define the entry. An open parking garage fronts the remaining two-thirds of the street and maintains the existing onsite parking. A mesh screen teases as it reveals and masks the parking garage beyond, while opaque panels break the rhythm of the garage columns, and of the units above. An opportunity for delight is formed from what might have been a long, bleak wall.

About the interior design, this common room looks out onto covered exterior spaces which in turn lead to the areas which is open to the sky. There where the residence is lied, the climate is wonderful to be able to choose the space which suits your need as the weather changes; spaces that are cozy and warm; spaces that focus and embrace the sun; spaces that let you experience the cold, crisp air, while sheltered from the rain.

Well guys, that’s all I have got, I hope this little information is useful enough for you. Thanks for came by, have a nice day then!


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