Modern Minimalist Apartment Interior Design


In this perfect moment let me share an interesting issue for you, I would like to share about a modern apartment interior design. Common apartment is always bored, well at least that’s what I think, but this one is different! A modern design changes everything. Well guys, feel curious yet about this modern apartment interior design, give it a break then!

Recently I have searched an apartment interior design post and then I found an interesting pictures about it, this apartment is called the RF Apartment, a modern apartment which was completed designed by the João Tiago Aguiar architect. This apartment was located in Lisboa, Portugal. This modern apartment is covers area for about 201 square meters.

This is not truly new apartment building, but the project consisted in the transformation of an old office into an apartment. This apartment precisely situated on the top floor of a building in Avenida Rodrigo da Fonseca, the original space, with no interest, had very little light, punctuated only by small openings at the top of the walls.

By the architect, the entire interior was demolished, leaving only the structural elements. The small cracks gave way to large windows, open up to the level of the deck which was created outboard and as a large balcony surrounds the apartment. The space is fluid and less compartmentalized. A plan of bicolor cabinets animates the scene and creates the separation between sleeping and living areas.

The modern accent comes from the interior decorations. The wall is painted in bright color, it’s in white, add an elegance feeling. Combined with the brown color which comes from the wood floor, the modern accent comes perfectly.

Well guys, if you bored to stay at home, then try once to stay in apartment, you wouldn’t disappointed. Ok guys, I think it’s up, thanks for come by. Have a nice day!


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