Contemporary Apartment Architecture Design


Hi guys! Today I bring something special for you; I have a contemporary apartment architecture design. Why I said that this is contemporary apartment? It is because this residence has a contemporary facade design. It is very impressive architecture design. Well guys, if you feel curious yet about this apartment architecture design, then see below!

This cotemporary apartment is called the Miracle Residence. It was completed designed by the architect Fuat Taşkıranoglu. This apartment is located in Kurtkoy, Istanbul, Turkey. This apartment was constructed based on the client’s order, they are Company for this contemporary apartment, the site area is comprises for about 17, 000 square meters, while the building size is about 30, 000 square meters.

This apartment project is precisely located at the Istanbul’s Asian side near Sabika Gokcen Int. Airport. The site is some 50m x 300m. In dimensions, it is along southeast-northwest direction and facing the highway at north.

As for additional information, the recently Sabika Gokcen Airport is the only alternative in the city for the overcrowded European side Ataturk Int. Airport. The new demands for the dwelling and retail created the denser land use and offer the new opportunities for the Kurtkoy district since the availability of the new airport.

This ‘Miracle Residence’ is seems as a gate for this promising area in Turkey. This residence is consists of two 100 meters blocks which is creating 250 meters long hotel and residential block with the social facilities in between. This 25 meters x 250 meters long surface not designed as if it’s another ordinary building in the area but, it is taken as a residential block design experiment.

The unique fibecement blocks, compact wooden lamine panels, standardized windows are creating its own harmony as design elements. There are so many potential uses on paysage like the water scapes, sports grounds and pool since the block resides south edge of the site.

Well guys, I think it’s up, I hope this little information about this contemporary apartment is enough for you. Have a nice day!


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