Contemporary Apartment Architecture Design, The Kiral In Mexico


Contemporary apartment architecture design is completed designed by the architect ARQMOV Workshop. They have completed designed a contemporary apartment building called the Kiral Apartments.


ARQMOV Workshop has completed designed a rather contemporary apartment design called the Kiral apartment which based in Mexico City. The name Kiral comes from ‘Chirality’, its mean the geometric property of a rigid object of being non-superposable on its mirror image, such as an object which has no symmetry elements of the second kind. Kiral is the name which identifies and transmits perseonality to the residential building which is designed by ARQMOV Workshop.

This apartment architecture design is precisely located in Colonia Juares, Mexico City. It is a few blocks away from the traditional Reforma Boulevard (Paseo de la Reforma), a cultural and touristic corridor in the most important and populated city of Mexico. The Kinetics and Op Art is inspired the project, transmitting an optic illusion of movement which is requires and captures an active attention from the viewer. The Mexican society an experience a continuous and uncontrolled motion, therefore the building responds to this phenomenon and it is reflects the reverb nation of the society.


A dynamic course is achieved by the dynamic forms; it is focusing on the main facade as a significant backdrop for the viewer. A perfectly modulated grip created by the horizontal and vertical lines of the balconies. The grid is then perceived in a three-dimensional plane where overlapping spherical shapes are once subtracted, then extruded, it is resulting in a facade which moves. It moves depending from which angle the observer approaches the building, it moves responding to a play light and shadows throughout the day, it moves, as the city itself is moving.

The 17 apartments are arranged around a common courtyard which allows the natural light and cross-ventilation. A gym, a roof garden complement a thorough design based on the logical principle of organization. There are one and two-storey apartments with balconies which give the building a sense of community and a harmonious coexistence.


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